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7A Aquamarine Energy Necklace

7A Aquamarine Energy Necklace

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Wear the 7A Aquamarine Energy Necklace and harness the power of March's birthstone for serenity, clarity of communication, positive energy, protection, and luck. Enjoy the spiritual energy and benefits of this timeless gem. 

💎 Natural Gemstones Infused with Energy
✨ Gold Vermeil Extender Closure

*Three length options to choose

Due to the naturally occurring characteristics of gemstones, each is unique and may exhibit imperfections such as inclusions, blemishes and cloudiness, as well as color variations.

More About This

An embodiment of the sea's serenity, Aquamarine Energy is a versatile stone that navigates the ebb and flow of life's changes. Its Latin name, aqua marinus, translates to "water of the sea," indicative of its beautiful, sparkling ocean-like color. The pale blue, sometimes bluish-green crystal is a member of the Beryl family, its color a result of the iron oxides present in its composition. Much like the moon's magnetic influence on the tides, the same celestial body is believed to amplify the forecasting abilities of the Aquamarine when the moon is waxing​.

Aquamarine is a mirror of the self and the world around us, reflecting the deepest truths and hidden meanings of reality. It invites us to face ourselves and others with absolute transparency. Known as a stone of prophets, shamans, healers, and mystics, it propels the spiritual body towards meditation and revelation​.

Associated with the Throat chakra, Aquamarine encourages open and honest communication, helping overcome the fear of expressing one's truth. It serves as an excellent companion for teachers, presenters, and those required to articulate their thoughts with clarity and conviction. It accelerates intellectual reasoning, inspires light-heartedness, and imbues the user with an unconquerable spirit through learning about oneself and the world​.

If you find yourself at the mercy of chaotic emotions or if your mind refuses to find stability, Aquamarine Energy can be your sanctuary of tranquility. It is a healing stone that promotes emotional, physical, and spiritual balance. It helps cleanse the emotional body, open channels of communication, and regulate hormones and growth. Moreover, it is highly recommended for meditation, bringing forth a sense of calm and relaxation, akin to the sea's soothing rhythm​​.

Aquamarine also serves as a powerful talisman for those traveling by sea or undertaking long journeys. Its energy alleviates the fear of water and guards those in transit, making it an ideal stone for those learning to swim or journeying long distances​.

In the physical realm, Aquamarine is renowned for its healing properties, particularly concerning respiratory health. It provides relief for conditions like sinusitis, frequent coughing, colds, and bronchitis. Furthermore, it proves beneficial for oral health, including teeth and gum problems. It supports the healing of inflammatory diseases, soothes conditions like eczema, hives, rosacea, and psoriasis, and can potentially aid in the prevention of herpes outbreaks. It is also known to complement the treatment for shingles​.

For those seeking a deeper connection to their true purpose, Aquamarine Energy is here to guide. It beckons us towards service to the world and the development of a humanity attuned to healing. It inspires those overwhelmed by responsibility to find order and nudges judgmental individuals towards tolerance. Aquamarine embodies the ideal of natural justice, promoting compromise, negotiation, and giving carefully reasoned responses in confrontational situations​.

Whether you're embarking on a physical journey or a journey of the self, Aquamarine Energy offers a steadfast beacon of light, guiding you towards balance, truth, and profound self-discovery.


-Length: 16"+2" extender, 18"+2" extender or 20"+2"

-Chain Width: H1676mm

Care Instructions

To keep your pieces in original, crisp condition remove before showering, swimming and any sweaty activities. Avoid cleaning products, lotions and perfume when wearing your pieces.

You can clean your pieces with a dry soft cloth.

Lay your jewelry to sleep in a safe, dry place and always out of direct light, and away from moisture and extreme heat.


This style is custom made to order, please allow 1-5 days for this style to ship.

For more info, please read Shipping.

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  • Kim Miller, Verified Buyer

    I recently purchased a pendant from Hotshellow and it has become more than just a piece of jewelry; it's a companion on my journey of self-discovery. The intricate design resonates deeply with my personal struggles and triumphs. Wearing it feels like a constant reminder of my growth and the strength I've found within. It's not just a pendant, it's a part of my story now.

  • Edith Robbins, Verified Buyer

    Hotshellow's emphasis on sustainability is not only ethically commendable but also likely to attract a conscientious consumer base.

  • Laura Loyd, Verified Buyer

    A Fusion of Fashion and Healing with Hotshellow. I'm in awe of how Hotshellow has merged fashion with healing. Their pendants aren't just accessories; they're tools for self-expression and healing. Wearing mine gives me a sense of calm and confidence, reminding me of my journey and growth. It's an empowering form of self-expression that complements my style and my soul.

  • Desiree Casey, Verified Buyer

    Hotshellow brightened my day! Speedy delivery, eco-friendly packaging, and dazzling jewelry. The quality is unquestionably five stars!

  • Sharon Levine, Verified Buyer

    More than just jewelry, my pendant and bracelet have become the symbol of my personal saga, a testament to the struggles I've overcome. It's a daily reminder that I'm on a unique journey, growing stronger and more self-aware each day.

  • Andrea Williams, Verified Buyer

    I was drawn to Hotshellow because of their unique approach to jewelry. Wearing the piece makes me feel connected to a deeper part of myself.

  • Betty Randolph, Verified Buyer

    Love my bracelets they look beautiful and great quality. l wear them all the time.

  • Carol Whitfield , Verified Buyer

    I LOVE HOTSHELLOW energy bracelets. I CAN NOT stop ordering them! They are beautiful and stand the test of time!

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