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Clear Quartz Heart Necklace

Clear Quartz Heart Necklace

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Look your best and express your personality with the Heart Clear Quartz Necklace – a piece with sparkle and soul! This pendant is a dazzling combo of fashionable style and energy-giving quartz, perfect for any occasion🤩. Show off your look with or without an additional custom pendant – it's up to you!💁🏼‍♀️ Shine on!🌟

💎 Natural Gemstones Infused with Energy
💎 Gold Vermeil Extender Closure
✨ Gold Plated Beads

Due to the naturally occurring characteristics of gemstones, each is unique and may exhibit imperfections such as inclusions, blemishes and cloudiness, as well as color variations.

More About This

A versatile gem that illuminates the path for significant change, the Clear Quartz Necklace transitions smoothly from one state to the next. This is not a piece of jewelry that merely borrows the name, but one that truly radiates the energy of clear quartz, the master healer. Colored transparent, like a mountain stream on a clear sunny morning, this stone isn’t about obscurity or blocked clarity, but fosters a clear mind and the determination to uncover those hidden pathways.

Sourced from different parts of the globe, this gem is bathed in the radiant energy of the sun and moon and is filled with the promise of purifying light. It stirs the spiritual body to align with the universe around us, and gently awakens all the chakras to connect to their higher purpose. Our chakras are where our life force and consciousness reside, and by calling on the balance and flow of The Stone of Power, we can embrace the transformation that is waiting just beyond our current state.

If you feel your inner peace being pulled in countless directions or if you often find yourself lost in the swirling chaos of life's complexities, the Clear Quartz Necklace can be your sanctuary of peace. It’s a talisman for those who are healing from all kinds of ailments and a shield for the soul in times of turmoil.

For those who ride the wave of changing moods and a mind that at times refuses to find balance, then the Clear Quartz Necklace will align your spirit, creating space for deep breaths, positive attitudes, and the magic of all the chakras to do their profound work. Because it's all about the grace of energy flow, this gem also helps to soothe and relax muscles that tend to stiffen from tension and discomfort.

In the physical realm, Clear Quartz also supports the health of all the bodily systems and encourages a strong immune response, keeping the body free from tension. For those in pursuit of their true soul's purpose, the Clear Quartz Necklace is here to cleanse and transform.


-Length: 16"+2" extender

-Width: 10mm

Care Instructions

To keep your pieces in original, crisp condition remove before showering, swimming and any sweaty activities. Avoid cleaning products, lotions and perfume when wearing your pieces.

You can clean your pieces with a dry soft cloth.

Lay your jewelry to sleep in a safe, dry place and always out of direct light, and away from moisture and extreme heat.


This style is custom made to order, please allow 1-5 days for this style to ship.

For more info, please read Shipping.

Customer Reviews

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It arrives on time and the packaging is so nice and cute! The necklace I bought this exactly like the website, looks very cute and pretty. Quality is greatly, actually it’s pretty heavy not like plastic quality:) I love it

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  • Kim Miller, Verified Buyer

    I recently purchased a pendant from Hotshellow and it has become more than just a piece of jewelry; it's a companion on my journey of self-discovery. The intricate design resonates deeply with my personal struggles and triumphs. Wearing it feels like a constant reminder of my growth and the strength I've found within. It's not just a pendant, it's a part of my story now.

  • Edith Robbins, Verified Buyer

    Hotshellow's emphasis on sustainability is not only ethically commendable but also likely to attract a conscientious consumer base.

  • Laura Loyd, Verified Buyer

    A Fusion of Fashion and Healing with Hotshellow. I'm in awe of how Hotshellow has merged fashion with healing. Their pendants aren't just accessories; they're tools for self-expression and healing. Wearing mine gives me a sense of calm and confidence, reminding me of my journey and growth. It's an empowering form of self-expression that complements my style and my soul.

  • Desiree Casey, Verified Buyer

    Hotshellow brightened my day! Speedy delivery, eco-friendly packaging, and dazzling jewelry. The quality is unquestionably five stars!

  • Sharon Levine, Verified Buyer

    More than just jewelry, my pendant and bracelet have become the symbol of my personal saga, a testament to the struggles I've overcome. It's a daily reminder that I'm on a unique journey, growing stronger and more self-aware each day.

  • Andrea Williams, Verified Buyer

    I was drawn to Hotshellow because of their unique approach to jewelry. Wearing the piece makes me feel connected to a deeper part of myself.

  • Betty Randolph, Verified Buyer

    Love my bracelets they look beautiful and great quality. l wear them all the time.

  • Carol Whitfield , Verified Buyer

    I LOVE HOTSHELLOW energy bracelets. I CAN NOT stop ordering them! They are beautiful and stand the test of time!

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